Gredebäck, G., Theuring, C., Hauf, P., Kenward, B. (2008) The Microstructure of Infants' Gaze as They View Adult Shifts in Overt Attention. Infancy. vol. 13 (5), s 533 - 543.

We presented infants (5, 6, 9, and 12 months old) with movies in which a female model turned toward and fixated 1 of 2 toys placed on a table. Infants’ gaze was mea- sured using a Tobii 1750 eye tracker. Six-, 9-, and 12-month-olds’ first gaze shift from the model’s face (after the model started turning) was directed to the attended toy. The 5-month-olds performed at random. Following this initial response, 5-, 6-, and 9-month-olds performed more gaze shifts to the attended target; 12-month-olds performed at random. Infants at all ages displayed longer looking times to the at- tended toy. We discuss a number of explanations for 5-month-olds’ ability to follow a shift in overt attention by an adult after an initially random response, including the possibility that infants’ initial gaze response strengthens the representation of the ob- jects in the peripheral visual field.