Augusti, E., Melinder, A., Gredebäck, G. (2010) Look Who´s Talking: Pre-Verbal Infants´ Perception of Face-to-Face and Back-to-Back Social Interactions. Frontiers in Developmental Psychology, 161, 1-7.

Four-, 6-, and 11-month old infants were presented with movies in which two adult actors conversed about everyday events, either by facing each other or looking in opposite directions. Infants from 6 months of age made more gaze shifts between the actors, in accordance with the flow of conversation, when the actors were facing each other. A second experiment demonstrated that gaze following alone did not cause this difference. Instead the results are consistent with a social cognitive interpretation, suggesting that infants perceive the difference between face-to-face and back-to-back conversations and that they prefer to attend to a typical pattern of social interaction from 6 months of age.