Forslund, T., Brocki, K.C., Bohlin, G., Granqvist, P., Eninger, L. (2016) The heterogeneity of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms an conduct problems: Cognitive inhibition, emotion regulation, emotionality, and disorganized attachment Brittish journal of Developmental Psychology

This study examined the contributions of several important domains of functioning to ADHD symptoms and conduct problems. Specifically, we investigated if cognitive inhibition, emotion regulation, emotionality and disorganized attachment made independent and specific contributions to these externalizing behavior problems from a multiple pathways perspective. The study included laboratory measures of cognitive inhibition and disorganized attachment in 184 typically developing children (M age = 6 years, 10 months, SD = 1.7). Parental ratings provided measures of emotion regulation, emotionality, and externalizing behavior problems. Results revealed that cognitive inhibition, regulation of positive emotion, and positive emotionality were independently and specifically related to ADHD symptoms. Disorganized attachment and negative emotionality formed independent and specific relations to conduct problems. Our findings support the multiple pathways perspective on ADHD, with regulation of positive emotion and high positive emotionality making distinct contributions to ADHD symptoms. More specifically, our results support the proposal of a temperamentally based pathway to ADHD symptoms. The findings also indicate that disorganized attachment and negative emotionality constitute pathways specific to conduct problems rather than to ADHD symptoms.