Rosander, K., Nyström, P., Gredebäck, G., & von Hofsten, C. (2007) Cortical Processing of Visual Motion in Young Infants. Vision Research, 47, 1614-1623.

High-density EEG was used to investigate the cortical processing of a rotating visual pattern in 2-, 3-, and 5-month-old infants and in adults. Motion induced ERP in the parietal and the temporal–occipital border regions (OT) was elicited at all ages. The ERP was dis- cernable in the 2-months-olds, significant and unilateral in the 3-month-olds and significantly bilateral in the 5-month-olds and adults. The motion induced ERP in the primary visual area was absent in the 2-month-olds and later than in the OT area for the 3-month-olds indicating that information to OT may be supplied by the V1 bypass at these ages. The results are in agreement with behavioural and psychophysical data in infants.