Theuring, C., Gredebäck, G., Hauf, P. (2007) Object processing during a joint gaze following task European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 4, 65-79.

To investigate object processing in a gaze following task, 12-month-old infants were presented with 4 movies in which a female model turned and looked at one of two objects. This was followed by 2 test trials showing the two objects alone without the model. Eye movements were recorded with a Tobii-1750 eye tracker. Infants reliably followed gaze and displayed longer looking times towards the attended object when the model was present. During the first test trial infants displayed a brief novelty preference for the unattended object. These findings suggest that enhanced object processing is a temporarily restricted phenomenon that has little effect on 12-month-old infants’ long-term interaction with the environment.